Her Viewpoint is a community for women that is dedicated to providing a forum to discuss issues and share information. Our mission is to empower women in their knowledge about their bodies and to promote awareness on options regarding your health.

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Dr. Jessica Shepherd


As a gynecologist, Dr. Jessica Shepherd has talked with women about their health issues over the last eight years and now has created a community for women to talk about them. She founded Her Viewpoint as a result of her daily observations and interactions with her patients. Her Viewpoint is a forum for women, designed to discuss all those details that only belong in your doctor’s office. Dr. Shepherd has taken the approach to patient care by having a conversation with women and allowing the taboo topics to come out!



  • Dr. Shepherd you changed my fiance’s life and made her pain go away! The surgery was such a success and I can’t thank you enough.           -S.S. Chicago...
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