Deodorant for ‘Down There’???

Ok, so I’m sitting at the table with a couple of my close girlfriends. “Girl” topics seem to always find its way to our lunch or dinner table when we’re out. So, WHY would I think that this time would be different? Well, I guess it wasn’t that a topic came up, per se, but what threw me off were the specifics of the topic. As I’m taking a huge bite out of my burger, my girlfriend says to me, “What do you think about deodorant for ‘down there’?” Giving her the side eye, I respond, “Down where? What are you trying to ask me?” She then proceeds to grab her purse and then pulls out a white, aluminum bottle of what appears to be a spray on deodorant, but the words clearly spell out that it’s a feminine spray…yeah, not exactly for your underarms. She gleefully says, “This right here! It’s deodorant for the vajayjay!!! I found it at Walmart the other day. You’re a doctor, so what are your thoughts?! Ladies, lets just pause right here…I need to vent…

WHY is it that our vaginas are made out to be these potentially stinky little cesspools that need extra attention, effort and products to keep it smelling like a bed of roses, literally? Truth be told, our vaginas are naturally and divinely designed to be self-­‐cleaning. If you’re taking baths or showers regularly, changing your panties and pads/tampons during your period, guess what? That’s ALL you really need to do. Furthermore, if your vagina starts to smell like death, why on Earth would you want to spray it up with chemically laden products to try and “hide” or my favorite, “neutralize” the odor? Your first inclination SHOULD be to see a physician, as there could be something going on that needs medical attention.

I bet you’re wondering what I told my girlfriend, right? I just gave her some simple pointers and ultimately told her that the choice was hers. Our vaginas are low maintenance and self-­‐cleaning. Using products like sprays can actually throw the balance of the natural flora of the vagina off, causing an infection. Furthermore, can you pronounce any of those ingredients on the back of that can? I bet you can’t! Why would you want to spray that on such a delicate and vulnerable part of your body? Vaginal sprays can also cause irritation and inflammation. Not just to you, but also your partner. If you’re one of those women that like to run and spray your vagina before intimacy, umm…you may want to rethink that! Bottom line ladies, the use of a pH balanced soap and water is all your vagina need. Consistent hygiene goes a long way. Since I know that you will all trash the spray after being enlightened, may I offer an alternative use for any leftovers? How about using it as air freshener…perhaps?

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